Why Plant Trees & Shrubs at All? Environmental and $$$ Benefits of Fall Planting

Plant trees and shrubs first! They are the most valuable plants in the landscape because they are the most useful. They are energy savers, air conditioners, and wildlife havens!

  • Shade trees can reduce your heating/cooling costs by 10-50%!
  • In one year an average tree produces enough oxygen for a family of four, for one year.
  • The net cooling effect of a young, healthy tree is equivalent to 10 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.
  • One acre of trees and shrubs has the ability to remove 13 tons of particles and gases annually.
  • The amount of fossil fuels used for heating/cooling is reduced by using trees and shrubs to modify temperatures.
  • Planting trees and shrubs remains the cheapest and most effective means of drawing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • One tree can remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually, equaling 11,000 miles of car emissions.
  • Planting 100 million trees and shrubs could reduce carbon by an estimated 18 million tons per year, while saving American consumers $4 billion each year on utility bills.
  • Tests in a mall parking lot showed a 31 degree difference between shaded and un-shaded areas.
  • To make up for the loss of trees and shrubs in the past decade, we need to replant 321 million acres, which entails planting approximately 14 billion trees and shrubs every year — for 10 consecutive years.
  • 2.6 tons of carbon is sequestered in a year by one acre of trees and shrubs.
  • 800 million tons of carbon is sequestered by all urban trees and shrubs in the U.S.
  • Street-level particulate pollution can be reduced by 60% by trees and shrubs lining an urban street.
  • One 12″ caliper Sugar Maple can remove 5200 mg of lead from the air in one year.
  • Trees and shrubs intercept water, store some of it, and reduce storm runoff and the possibility of flooding.
  • Air quality can be improved through the use of trees, shrubs, and turf. Leaves filter the air we breathe by removing dust and other particulates. Leaves absorb carbon dioxide and other air pollutants (such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide) and give off oxygen.

Your landscape should be ever-changing, a living part of your home. A landscape is something you will have for a lifetime; with the proper guidance (location, selection) your home will look great for years! 

  • Home heating and cooling costs can be reduced by 30% by well-placed landscape trees and shrubs.
  • Houses with an “excellent” landscaping rating from a local landscape professional could expect to sell at a price 6-7% higher than equivalent houses with “good” landscaping.
  • Improving landscaping from “average” to “good” resulted in a home premium about 5% higher.
  • Properly placed and cared for, trees and shrubs increase values of homes.
  • A healthy landscape improves every aspect of a home—paying big dividends by beautifying surroundings, creating buffers from noise, and contributing other enhancements.
  • A well managed landscape becomes an asset that grows in value over time.
  • Trees are the foundation of any garden and property management plan.
  • Streets, parks, gardens, and shopping malls become vacant and cold without trees and shrubs.
  • Studies indicate that trees and shrubs help create feelings of relaxation and well-being.
  • By planting trees and shrubs, we return to a more natural, less artificial environment. The natural cycles of plant growth, reproduction, and decomposition are again present, both above and below ground.

One of the best ways to increase your home’s resale value is by adding trees and shrubs to your landscape. Adding trees and shrubs can increase your home’s value by 15%! Why not consider planting some trees and shrubs this fall? September, October and November are some of the best months to plant trees and shrubs.

Late season planting reduces stress on the plants and gives them a chance to establish a strong root system. Fall is more forgiving than dry summer months by offering cooler temperatures and less intense sunlight. Water requirements diminish during these months as well. And bring on the fallen leaves, a wonderful mulch source! Planting trees and shrubs around your home not only adds value to your home but also helps the environment. Take a look at all of these wonderful reasons why you should plant some trees and shrubs this fall planting season! The value of trees for their aesthetic functions is obvious. Many other less obvious functions contributing to the value of trees are as follows:

  • Air conditioning
  • Winter warming/summer cooling
  • Sound barriers
  • Screen for objectionable views
  • Windbreaks
  • Glare control
  • Wind obstruction
  • Wind deflection
  • Wind filtration

Plan your landscaping for both beauty and functional value.